ReadMe: Automated Documentation

Automated Documentation (Swagger)

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Problem: Developers don't like writing documentation.

Goal: Create a way for developers to more easily create and update their documentation based on the API spec, Swagger, to increase the number of people who make docs and keep them up to date.

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Solution: The Swagger spec is the most common form of defining a REST API. We wanted to incorporate the ability to use Swagger into ReadMe without leaving behind our other customers. A major part of this update was to split up "documentation" and "reference guides" so that documentation is used for getting started and deep dive explanations, while reference guides can be used with Swagger for quick testing. Since we were making such large changes to the product, we launched as a few parts, first with a publicly available link and finally with a command line tool for uploading a Swagger file.

For this to succeed, we needed to ensure that docs produced automatically with Swagger still worked with our most popular feature, the API explorer.

Results: Increased core market users, those on our mid-level plan, by 15%.