ReadMe: Enterprise

ReadMe's initial market was a small to medium sized startup that didn't have enough development power to build a documentation hub themselves. As we grew, we started to see a new segment of customers become popular, these were larger companies of 500+ who wanted to use ReadMe to have a central place for a whole API team to update documentation. This meant somewhere that marketing and sales can feel just as comfortable as a developer.

We decided to develop an "enterprise" ReadMe option and work directly with some of our larger customers to design it.

The biggest challenge of the Enterprise option was creating an easy way to use multiple projects together. Larger companies tend to have more than one API, and our projects were designed for one API each. This required us to build in new tools, like search across projects and versioning, that hadn't existed before without making the product more complicated for our average user. We also needed to integrate with user management tools like OKTA and OAuth so that larger customers can make sure their docs are reaching the right people.

Results: We're still in the process of building out a full enterprise solution but after three months our enterprise customers account for 10% of our MRR.