Ashley Chang

Product Manager @ReadMe

I lead product development from user research through launch.

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developer community

Developer communities give back to to their APIs to build stronger docs and grow users. We created a more flexible and relevant forum to connect users with each other, and decrease the time API creators spend on support.

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trial & onboarding

We switched from an unlimited trial to 14 days. This meant we needed to up our onboarding game to make sure users got the most out of their trial. We completed it with A/B testing, automated emails, and a pricing update.

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automated docs generation

Keeping docs up to date usually falls to the last minute. We built updating the docs into the developer flow so it becomes a natural part of the process, not a secondary priority.



In the past



I worked with the medical ops team and doctors from partner hospitals to improve the flow of patient funding. I interviewed doctors and created a new platform for medical procedure approval. This let Watsi and the hospitals accurately forecast funding and patient care funnels months ahead of time.




I led several research projects at the UC Davis Medical Center and Genome Center. Clinically, I helped evaluate the effect of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations on interventional cardiology outcomes. In lab, I worked to isolate potential proteins to guide drug delivery through the blood-brain barrier.


On the side


on & up

A project started after the 2016 election to build a stronger community in San Francisco. On & Up included 50 people that met a new person for coffee once a week and ran for the 100 days following the election.




A simple travel journal app. Take pictures on the go and mark places later using GPS data. Upload to a Wordpress blog to share with friends and family back home. We expect to launch in summer 2017.